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March 15, 2016   -   Posted by aldeneditor   -   in Dog Training in Reno Dog Training Tips   -   Comments Off on VIDEO – Dog Training in Reno: “Stay,” “Place” in Less Than Two Weeks

Check out the progress of Owen, who is one smart Cocker and Border Collie mix. This is the second week of his board-and-train package and everyone at Dog Gone Amazing is thrilled with his progress. Enjoy!

October 14, 2015   -   Posted by   -   in Dog Safety Tips Dog Training Tips   -   Comments Off on Video: Hiking with Dogs Off Leash

Who: Your trainers’ personal pups! Training: Demonstrating the power of “place” when group hiking with dogs. The Scoop: For dogs, hiking with a “pack” can be all kinds of tail-waggable fun. But for us people, coming back to the road (and getting our pups back into our vehicles) can be hectic and even dangerous. However, watch how well the place...

September 15, 2015   -   Posted by   -   in Dog Training in Reno Dog Training Tips   -   Comments Off on Video: Teaching the Stand Command

Pooch: Ripken Age: 1 year old Breed: German Wirehaired Pointer Training: How to train your dog to “stand” and reinforce his learning with treats and praise. The Scoop: The stand command is another position you can add to your pooch’s repertoire. This one is useful when you want your dog to rise from “sit”...

August 18, 2015   -   Posted by   -   in Dog Training Tips   -   Comments Off on Video: Perfect Case for the Place Command

Our video training series continues! Pooches:  Ripken. German Wirehair Pointer, 1 year old Chase. German Wirehair Pointer, 10 Moxie. Belgian Malinois, 6 The Scoop: Clients ask us all the time about the place command and why we love it so much. This video demonstrates a perfectly practical reason why we do. On this...