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Dog Boarding
For Members

When it comes to dog lodging, our facilities and our daily activities have dogs far and wide excited for their next stay. Your dog will receive specialized attention and individual care in addition to a cozy private space and all the benefits of our Day Stays. 

Private Cozy Kennel – Your dog will have a comfortable place to relax in private, with a bed, food, treats and water.

Playtime on Campus – Socialization helps your dog reduce fear and unhealthy behaviors. Your dog will learn healthy interaction with other dogs and is sure to make a new friend (or 5) to play with.

Daily Exercise – Our dog boarding also includes a one-hour hike or on-leash walk to ensure your dog gets the heart-healthy exercise they need. 

Special Attention and CareYour dog will receive special attention and petting from our staff. We also monitor general health and check for lumps, bumps and sores as well as the behavioral well-being of each dog and report on anything that needs attention.

Communication and updates We will provide daily report cards as well as occasional photo and video shares on Facebook.

Dog Gone Amazing is a  Training First Community

This means that our boarding and day care services are limited to dogs who have completed an Advanced or Master Training Program with Dog Gone Amazing to become Official DGA Members.


  • Private Cozy Kennel

  • Food, water, treats

  • 1 hour hike or on-leash walk

  • (2) 1 hour playgroups

  • Baths if needed

  • Report cards & photo updates

Per NIGHT 60 | additional dogs 25/ea

See Our Member Brochure for more information

Looking for some day time adventure?

Offering the perfect blend of indoor play and outdoor excursions, DGA Dog Day Care is the ultimate when it comes to getting the socialization and exercise your dog needs! 

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