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Dog Training

Inside every dog is an AMAZING dog! 

Dog Gone Amazing is a collection of caring, devoted, animal lovers. Each of our team members has a background in raising several animals, volunteering constantly at the local animal shelters or naturally picking up animal training as kids. We love animals and have a special place in our heart for dogs.

We believe that every dog deserves a chance to learn and to live and we know that every dog has the potential to be AMAZING. We don’t just train dogs empty obedience commands but instead teach them to make good choices on their own, to be able to access a calm state of mind and to live harmoniously with their family. When the proper tools and guidance are in place you start to see the incredible transformation and develop a bond with your dog that you never thought possible.

We try to meet every dog right where they are at and offer a variety of training options to help.  We encourage you to read through our different options to find the best match your dog and your family.