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8:34  I am sitting on the couch in the living room typing up Rufus’s go home information for his owners.  First I watched him rough house with my 2 boys.  They ran like crazy dogs from room to room, paused and stared each other down, then bolted again.  I just smiled watching.  When he got tired he looked at me like, “hey lady you are on my couch.”  I patted the right of me and showed him he could come lay next to me and dog gonnit…he did.  I almost cried!  He curled up right at my side and let me scratch his head.  Well everyone…I think my work here is done.  I now feel comfortable sending him home knowing he has made tremendous strides.  I get 3 more days to enjoy having him as a house guest.  Since he is practically anxiety free I get to enjoy his new found dogness and awesome personality.  I am very lucky.