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Reno Dog Trainers- Bringing Out The Best In Your Dog

  • Serving The Reno Area Over 15 years
  • Over 1,000 Dogs Trained (and counting)
  • Local, Woman-Owned Business









Reno Dog Trainers- Bringing Out The Best In Your Dog


  • Serving The Reno Area Over 15 years
  • Over 1,000 Dogs Trained (and counting)
  • Local, Woman-Owned Business

Our Mission

Most people struggle to manage their dog’s unwanted behavior leaving owners overburdened and dogs living a life with limited freedom. We provide dogs (and their people) with the training they need to correct unwanted behavior so owners can successfully integrate them into their lives and build a bond based in love, freedom, and adventure.

First-Rate Training & Care

Looking for a Reno Dog Trainer? Look no further! Dog Gone Amazing Education Center is a team of dedicated Dog Trainers committed to building a lifelong relationship with you and your dog. Our safe, clean and social facility—coupled with our knowledgeable loving staff of Reno dog trainers— offers your dog first-rate training and care. From our one-of-a-kind Board & Train packages to our fun and educational private lessons, Dog Gone Amazing Education Center is the most barked about dog training in Reno.

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The DGA Pack

Malaika Heinbaugh

(Pronounced Mah-Ly-Kah) 

Owner and Training Director

I’m an animal enthusiast and I’ve dedicated my entire life to helping people see animals in their true, clear awesomeness.” It’s me, Malaika! I’ve been surrounded by animals my whole life. I’ve had horses, dogs, rabbits … even seagulls! Yes, I fostered a seagull back to health at a very young age. I love animals … better yet, I love helping PEOPLE understand animals. They are so clear and simple to me but to most people they are complicated and humans can mess things up by getting too emotionally involved. That’s where I step in with my Dog Gone Amazing training skills.

I have been training animals my whole life, but have really been working specifically with dogs since 2000. My experience comes from working with dogs hands-on. I take pride in never turning a case away. I take every dog on as a challenge and/or a new learning experience. I have traveled around the country working with and following different trainers, taking bits and pieces of their styles to create my own touch.

I believe there are many effective ways to train a dog. At Dog Gone Amazing, we work with you and your dog to accomplish your specific goals. Everyone has different needs and every dog is different, requiring a different touch or process to learn by. We are open to all kinds of training here because the goal is to have your very own AMAZING dog!

Mikaela Maher

Dog Trainer

Mikaela has been part of the DGA pack since 2019. After working at a holistic pet store where she handled some pretty feisty snakes and other reptiles, she developed a passion for canine nutrition and further grew her existing passion for all things dogs! 

When Mikaela joined the team, she was thrilled with the idea that she got to work one-on-one with dogs to help them learn new skills. After rolling up her sleeves and jumping in where needed on the DGA team, Mikaela developed a passion for dog training. Since studying under the other trainers at DGA, Mikaela has become an incredibly gifted member of the dog training team. 

She considers herself lucky to have been molded by her fellow trainers over the years and continues to be inspired by their dedication. What she loves about her role is helping owners and their dogs improve communication and build better relationships. Her knowledge of nutrition also comes in handy to help advise owners on how to have a healthy, more balanced dog! 

Heather Meader

Assistant Manager

Heather joins the DGA team all the way from a small town in Iowa called Manchester. Having grown up on a farm raising chickens, pigs, turkeys, and many other animals, she is no stranger to herding the chaos – which is exactly what makes her a valuable asset to the Dog Gone Amazing team.

Heather combines her experience as a Kennel Tech and a mobile groomer with her knack for organization and customer service to help the education center stay safe, clean, and organized. She is always looking for ways to improve the experience for dogs and their people, as well as, improve internal processes for the team to help things run more smoothly and efficiently.

Her love for dogs is contagious and, the ability to combine her talents for organization and management, with her passion for seeing dogs and people taken care of, is what Heather loves most about being a part of the DGA team. (It just so happens to be what we love about her, too!)

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