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Stop Bad Habits | Establish Clear Communication | Live the Dog Owner's Dream

Is Bad Behavior BrINGING you down?


  • Just won’t listen and doesn’t obey commands
  • Has embarrassing habits like jumping up on guests and barking at everything 
  • Pulls, tugs or bites on the leash during walks
  • Growls and nips at people or other animals 
  • Guards you, toys, food or other things around the house
  • Still goes potty inside 
  • Is destructive and gets into things they shouldn’t


  • Shout or repeat yourself a million times with no change
  • Get taken on walks regularly by your dog
  • Have tried bribing, negotiating and giving them “the look”
  • Don’t know what you’re doing wrong 
  • Wish you could live in peace with your dog 
  • Want to be able to trust your dog
  • Want to enjoy walks and hikes without worrying 
  • Want to have an amazing dog you can be proud of 

It Doesn’t Have to Stay This Way!

Dog Gone Amazing has helped hundreds of dogs break bad behavior and unleash their true potential. We can help you too! 

Castro (German Shepherd Dog) and Mmm’s (French Bull Dog) have been going to Dog Gone Amazing since they were pups. They’ve learned all the pertinent lessons; how to be a great dog amongst dogs and how to be a great dog amongst people! Our dogs are our babies and they treat our babies like they would their own. We appreciate all they’ve done to make our babies AMAZING!! Veterinarian approved…honest…I’m writing this 🙂

– Jules Crumley

DGA has been a life saver! We rescued a two year old shepherd about 10 months ago who had some pretty big issues we were struggling with. Sarge did Private Lessons and in just a few lessons at DGA we felt like we had such a better understanding of what our dog needed and how to work with him. The facility is always calm and under control. The team is knowledgeable, patient when we ask questions and need help, communicative, and just so great to work with. In 8 months we had never seen our dog as happy as he was on his first hike at DGA!! I’m a bit of a worrier by nature, and I can say without hesitation we trust DGA completely… our dog is happy and well taken care of when he is there.

– Stephanie Stratton

Meet Duke, our socially challenged rescue! With the love and patience and exceptional training provided by Malaika and the staff at Dog Gone Amazing, Duke now has a younger sister, Daisy, and group hikes every week with the group! I am most thankful for the guidance they provided to me that enables me to help Duke be more social. Duke completed the 10 Day Board and Train!
– Jeni S.
My husband I and reached out to DGA for our English Lab Puppy. Being a very large and sometimes stubborn puppy, we needed some extra help with basic obedience and leash work. We enrolled Enzo into the 10 Day Board & Train. When we picked him up, they also took the time to train us. We learned so much and Enzo has done amazing!! Because we were so happy with the friendly and personable service and how they treated our dog, we now use DGA for all of our Boarding Needs AND purchased a package of Trek & Trains which Enzo LOVES!! He comes home a very tired and happy boy. Gone are the days we felt bad about dropping our dog off to be boarded when we go on vacation. It’s also a vacation for Enzo and we are so thankful we found DGA. We love the report cards he comes home with and the text with the photos on what Enzo is up to. Thank You Guys!!!
– Christine Silveira
Thank you and the entire DGA staff for running such a stellar facility and taking such great care of Lulu and Django! When Nikki and I were introduced to DGA we were researching daycare and training centers that would maintain a consistent structure while providing diverse day-to-day fun and activities with a knowledgeable and caring staff. Nikki and I found exactly what we were looking for at DGA! The board and train package is a fantastic combo for our “energizer” dogs and gives us piece of mind Lulu and Django are having a fun and active time while being required to maintain manners and discipline. We love the hikes, the social interaction, and the home grown TLC our dogs are exposed to daily.

Thank you all! Josh and Nikki

We have taken our two labs to Malaika and the Dog Gone Amazing team since they were puppies. Knowing that with two puppies from the same litter we would have our hands full, we did private training and loved every second of it. We have since been going to Dog Gone Amazing for over two and a half years ! We have used Daycare for extra training and amazing hikes. Boarding for long weekends and vacations. We can whole heartedly say we seriously LOVE all the team members of Dog Gone Amazing ! They are always professional, clean and happy! We have a very hectic work schedule and know that beyond a doubt that we would not be able to have pets if it wasn’t for Malaika and the entire team. THANK YOU ALL!
– Whitney, Josh + Dylan


We believe that every dog deserves a chance to learn and to live and we know that every dog has the potential to be AMAZING. We don’t just train dogs empty obedience commands but instead teach them to make good choices on their own, to be able to access a calm state of mind and to live harmoniously with their family. When the proper tools and guidance are in place you start to see the incredible transformation and develop a bond with your dog that you never thought possible.



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