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our philosophy


our philosophy

why We put training first

We believe that every dog deserves a chance to learn and to live and we know that every dog has the potential to be AMAZING. Dog training is the key to establishing communication between dog and owner. If a dog doesn’t understand your language, it’s impossible to expect them to be able to follow directions or know that a behavior is unwanted. We believe in giving every dog the opportunity to learn so that they can live as a trusted, well-loved and valued family member. When the proper tools and guidance are in place, an incredible transformation begins to happen—dog owners develop a bond with their dog they never thought possible.

Our Training Approach

We don’t just train dogs empty obedience commands but instead teach them to make good choices on their own, to be able to access a calm state of mind and to balance their energy on their own. Our training approach is equally about training dogs and dog owners. It’s just as important that dog owners learn how to lead thier dogs as it is teaching dogs to follow.

Any Dog, Any Level

We will train any dog regardless of breed, size, age or history. We work with dogs from puppies, to adults and help with every stage from general manners and potty training, to walking politely on a leash, up to complete behavior modification like working with dogs who have aggression or what owners would describe as “out of control” behavior. We are committed to meeting every dog right where they are at and provide the right tools and skills they need to become happy, well-behaved family members.


Great! We want to help you make the right decision for you and your dog. If you have more questions about our methods and tools – learn more on our FAQ page.

Your Biggest Training Questions Answered!


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The “come” command – also known as recall – is one of the most important commands you can teach your dog. It is essential both for their safety and your peace of mind. One of the top frustrations we hear from dog owners is "why won't my dog come when called?"  For...

Dog Socialization Vs. Desensitizing

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Dog Training and Boarding: The Best Gift for Your Family

We have an idea for a Christmas gift this year that will benefit the entire family— a dog training and boarding program for your dog! We know what you’re thinking “of course they’d say that, they’re a dog training center” but hear us out. This is a gift that will last...

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