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We recently turned the calendar to 2015 and marked a new year, and we used this as an excuse to research some fun, inventive and clever dog products currently available on the market. Instead of finding only the ones we believe to be useful, we had some fun and wanted to point out some of the more creative ideas designed by dog owners, for dog owners. Excuse us if you find some of these silly … we probably did too (and that’s why we listed them here). Enjoy!

#1. The Membo Daily Feeding Flipper

Have a household where multiple people share the responsibility of feeding the dogs each day? This neat flipper from Membo allows the person who fed the dogs to flip up a marker and alert others the duty has been taken care of. These are cute little flippers that attach right to the wall where your dogs feed. No more double- or triple-feeding, no more dogs going hungry because everyone thought everyone else took care of feed time.

Shop at https://www.dreamfarm.com/membo/

 dog feeder reminder

#2. Car Organizer for All Your Dog’s STUFF

If your dog travels with you, then your car is likely riddled with their STUFF. They have chew toys, food bowls, water dishes, leashes, Frisbees, doggie bags and on and on. This car organizer from Cargo Gear attaches easily to the back of your seat and conveniently stores and organizes all of your dog’s stuff. There’s nothing funny about this item; it’s just plain needed. Get yours today at http://www.cargogear.com/OneItemInfo.aspx?partnum=TADORG

Car Organizer


#3. Camping Chair with Built-in Doggie Quarters

Like to camp, picnic or go to the beach? Have a little dog that runs around like a little maniac? Well, what if there was something you already lugged around with you to your favorite outdoor destinations that came with answer built-in? There is: it’s a folding camping chair with pet quarters underneath. The pet quarters keep your little guy or gal in place, gives them shade to take a nap, and gives them a nice cozy spot to call their own on a crowded beach or an unfamiliar camping locale. Someone was really thinking when they put 1 and 1 together for this product.

Get yours at http://www.hammacher.com/Product/Default.aspx?sku=82247&refsku=11600&xsp=1&promo=xsells 

Doggie Kennel Under Chair