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It’s time to break out the snow jackets, down blankets and sleds because before we know it winter will be knocking on our doors. Snow has already dusted the caps of the Sierra Nevadas, and it’s just a matter of time before the valley floor of the Biggest Little City is home to its first snowfall of the year.

Although we often view them as little mini humans as a part of our family, dogs don’t have the ability to adjust the heater, drink hot chocolate or add layers in order to avoid the cold. Therefore, it’s your responsibility as their owner to protect and prepare them for the cold weather that lies ahead.

Northern Nevada is no stranger to cold weather. Therefore, we’ve compiled 3 Winter Dog Safety Hacks to help you and your furry friend this season.

Clean and Clear and Under Control

November snowfall in Reno can range from nonexistent to by-the-pound, and while we may not have snow on the valley floor yet we will soon as winter moves on. And although snow makes for a beautiful seasonal backdrop in your yard, it’s only conducive to a few special dog breeds. Therefore, keep the snow around your house cleared out of the way for your dog to move around freely without getting too wet and subsequently too cold.

Those Boot(ies) Were Made for Walking

It’s not exactly likely that you’ll be going on long runs with your dog, but chances are your dog may encounter ice-melt and other hazardous substances at some point this season. Therefore, be cautious of where they’re walking and what might stick to their paws. Investing in a pair of doggie booties may sound corny, but your dog will surely appreciate the warmth and protection they provide (after he’s gotten used to them, of course).

Heat is Hot … Seriously

Stay on the lookout for radiators, heating panels and space heaters around your dog this winter. If they’re cold, which they likely will be, they’ll be searching for a place to snuggle up and get warm. However, getting too close to a heater can cause dry skin and burns for dogs. So, make your dog’s bed extra cozy in a warm part of the house with extra blankets to encourage them to rest there instead of by the radiator.

While these tips are useful, there are plenty of other precautions you can take this winter to ensure your dog is safe and happy. For more information about winter weather and your dog, contact Dog Gone Amazing. You know where to find us, and we’re always here to help.