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The “come” command – also known as recall – is one of the most important commands you can teach your dog. It is essential both for their safety and your peace of mind. One of the top frustrations we hear from dog owners is “why won’t my dog come when called?” 

For some dogs, this training skill isn’t always easy to learn and it can be challenging to teach as well. In this video Malaika Heinbaugh, Lead Dog Trainer and Owner of Dog Gone Amazing, explains some of the essentials needed to teach a dog how to come when called. 

One of the main concepts to understand when training your dog to come when called is knowing that there needs to be a start and a finish. At Dog Gone Amazing, we use the term “come” to recall the dog back to us and that means the dog is supposed to come and stay next to our side. Come doesn’t just mean to come for a moment and then they are free to go. It means “come to me, and STAY with me until I release you.” This is the importance of having a release command. Our release command is “break” and that means that the dog is free to wander off and do what they please. 

Remember, it is important when you introduce any new training command to your dog that you are consistent. When you say “come”, they must come all the way and not get distracted or make it half way there and be allowed to go smell an interesting bush. If you ask your dog to come when called, then you need to stick to your guns and require them to complete the entire command. They are to stay with you until you release them. It is equally important that you keep this consistency with the “break” command. Don’t forget to say it or sometimes use another term and just allow them wander off. You must end the command with “break”. The more consistent you are in this practice, the more you can reduce the amount of confusion and frustration for you and your dog. 

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