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Let’s not beat around the bush: one of the best parts of the holiday season is the food! With Thanksgiving just down the calendar, many of you may wonder if some of the scrumptious feast can be shared with your dog. The answer is: You Bet! There certainly are some tasty holiday dog treats that are actually good for your dog to have. Here is a list of favorite people-foods that are fun to share with your canine family members around the holidays:

Pumpkin: Pumpkin is very effective in regulating a dog’s digestive system. But take note: this doesn’t include the sweet, spicy pie filling we all gorge ourselves with. However, if you are willing to share some baked pumpkin (salt and butter free) or canned pumpkin, your dog will likely really enjoy the treat. Just a few tablespoons for bigger dogs should get their tails waggin’.

Green Bean Casserole: What would Thanksgiving be without Green Bean Casserole? If your family doesn’t make Green Bean Casserole on Thanksgiving, then thanks for the invite, but I will politely not be attending. While cream of mushroom soup certainly is not a welcome part of a dog’s diet, green beans are a great source of plant fiber. They are full of vitamins that keep dogs healthy. Here’s a fun treat idea: Throw a couple green beans in the freezer and they make a tasty, frozen snack for your dog.

Sweet Potatoes: These spuds are a favorite for many holiday dinners, and your dog can have some too. They offer the same to dogs as they do for us: vitamin-packed, filling and delicious. Want another fun treat idea? Here you go: Slice the Sweet Potatoes and then dehydrate them. They can be a mix between a treat and a chew toy for your dog. They will certainly roll over for them.

Deviled Eggs: Feeling bad while you eat your deviled eggs with your dog looking on? Well, set one of those boiled eggs aside before stuffing them with mayonnaise, mustard and paprika. Eggs are a very desirable part of a dog’s diet. They are easy on the stomach, so most can have them, and they even help bring a healthy shine to their coat.

This holiday season let your dogs join in on the feast … if they’ve been well behaved! Remember, while salt is one of our favorite spices, it doesn’t work so well with dogs. They will enjoy any one of these treats without it. Your dog will be so excited to receive any of these, they will be licking your face for more, probably with better breath.