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Bid adieu to the cold and gloomy days of winter when you had to keep your dog all cooped up at home due to the cold weather. Spring is around the corner and to celebrate the sunshine with your pup, we found a list of fun spring activities you can do with your dog outside in the nice, warm spring weather.


If he or she loves to play in the water, well, our city has plenty of that to offer! Whether it’s at Lake Tahoe, or the Truckee river downtown, make sure your pet gets to splash around in the water! Anywhere with water is the idyllic place during the springtime. Let your dog run around in water to his heart’s delight!

Dog Parks

We have plenty of dog parks that have endless trails and fields to run for you and your dog. San Rancho Rafael offers a great place for you and your dog to do recreational activities. Make dog park trips fun for you and your furry friend. Go on a running marathon with your dog and go on the park’s trails, or let your dog loose and off the leash so he can socialize and make new dog friends.


Luckily for us, the trails in our city are dog-friendly. A lot of our trails are also pretty close by so it would be a whole lot of fun for you and your furry friend to explore and hike on mountain trails. There are also plenty of trails with creeks alongside them. Take a splash with your pup at the creek after conquering a trail!


Our city offers a lot of locations with great scenery for camping. Springtime is a great way to introduce your furry best friend to the outdoors by going on a camping trip. Make sure you find pet-friendly campsites and make sure there is enough room for you and your pet in your tent. The best part is you can let your pet enjoy the outdoors all the way until fall with this fun, outdoor activity.


Your dog is your best friend and he too, loves spending time with you. Make your springtime a happy one for you and your dog and enjoy the sun with your spring activities!

Our team at Dog Gone Amazing is here for you if you have any questions, need advice or tips for you and your dog. We will be enjoying the springtime with our furry friends, we hope you enjoy this time too.