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The season for travel is upon us. Just because you own a dog does not mean that you should have to stay home even though you want to travel. Visiting family is important and if they would like to see your dog as well, then travelling with Fiddo is a must. While traveling with your dog can be a little stressful for even a well trained dog, there are some tips to make road trips much easier.

Take a Hike

Taking your dog for a long walk before and after the trip, with small walks sprinkled in along the way can make travelling significantly easier. We are constantly talking about how your dog needs frequent activity, as it keeps them from getting bored. When they are bored, everything seems to start to go wrong. Give your dog an outlet for their energy and it will reflect in their behavior.

Don’t Hesitate to Crate

Another common discussion in our dog training classes in Reno is the use of a crate. By crate training your dog, you are giving them a safe place where they can be during uncertain or idle times. We strongly recommend that you crate your dog during road trips. This ensures that they will not hurt themselves or cause dangerous distractions.

Falling for Filling Foods

Dogs are not above motion sickness. By giving them moderate portions of high protein food before and during the trip, not allowing them to overeat, you are reducing the risk of having a mess to clean up.

The Simple Joy of a Toy

A simple toy can go a long way on a road trip. First, it gives them something to play with, but it also provides comfort. Having an item that they are familiar with helps ease the stresses of travel.

Thanks for reading these tips for traveling with your dog! As you head out for the holidays, we don’t want you to feel uncertain about bringing your dog along. They are an important part of your family and you probably want them to get to experience the fun of going other places. With these simple tips, you can experience an enjoyable travel to your holiday destinations.