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We know—it’s hard to look into the sweet eyes of a newly born fluffer and even think about puppy training. After all, even the most annoying behaviors can be adorable when they’re coming from a dog that practically fits in the palm of your hand. But that cute nipping can quickly turn into aggressive behavior. That quiet “yip yip” will get louder as your puppy’s lungs grow. And, it’s really cute when a 10-pound dog tries to sit in your lap—but not as much when a 100-pound animal does.


Puppy training is the key to helping you and your dog live a long and happy life together. With the help of a trainer, you can use these early months to teach your new canine companion excellent behaviors and habits. So, even if those big brown eyes are saying, “please don’t make me go to school!” here are five reasons you should stand your ground.



1.Puppy training helps you build the relationship you want


If you expect to have a well-trained dog in the future, you have to set the tone now. Don’t allow unwanted puppy behavior just because they’re cute and little. You need to let your puppy know their boundaries and what your expectations are. It lays a foundation for your relationship with your dog.  


2. Setting standards helps reduce stress for you and your dog


When you train your dog, you establish rules and boundaries. Once your dog knows what is and isn’t acceptable, they learn how to behave. By eliminating the unknown and giving your dog certainty, you can also reduce their stress. Now, they don’t always have to wonder what to expect. As an owner, it reduces your stress as you can now trust your dog and give them more freedom as they grow.


3. Professional training helps you understand your dog better


Many people bring a puppy into their lives without really understanding their minds work. Sometimes, new dog owners think of their pets like humans and expect them to act and respond the way a baby would. This is especially true with puppies. But, this can encourage destructive behaviors and teach your dog bad habits. Puppy training with a professional helps teach you how dogs think and how to understand your puppy’s development. This way, you know how your dog actually thinks and what to expect from them.




4. Practice and discipline teaches your dog to behave when left alone


puppy training Eventually, you’ll need to leave the house and be able to trust that your dog will behave when left alone. Dogs that haven’t received training don’t know how to feel calm when you go and don’t know what their boundaries are when you’re not there. When you train your dog, you teach them what is off-limits and what kind of behavior is acceptable. Dogs that haven’t been properly trained can bark and howl for hours on end, chew up things around the house, and potty where they’re not supposed to. With puppy training, your dog will learn the ropes when you’re home, and that way they’ll know what to do when you’re not.




5. Learning appropriate behaviors keeps your dog safe


In addition to being cute, puppies can be wild and impulsive, which can make them a danger to themselves and others. Without proper training, your puppy doesn’t know that they need to listen to your commands. If they don’t know how to listen and obey commands, they are more prone to running away, engaging in unwanted behavior, and becoming destructive. Training is important for protecting your puppy from making mistakes, and letting their wild and free nature get them into all kinds of trouble.


Puppy training is one of the best ways you can ensure that you and your new dog will have a loving and wonderful relationship. If you want to set your puppy and you up for success, consider our new Puppy Training Program. Your puppy will learn impulse control, basic commands, house training, and other important lessons. To learn more, click here.