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At Dog Gone Amazing, we offer Reno dog training in a variety of settings. While they are similar in nature, they all come with different focuses to help your dog advance through challenges. We start with private lessons that get them off on the right paw. Once you have completed two private lessons, you’re welcome to join our group lessons. In these lessons, you and your dog get the opportunity to refine what you have learned in the private lessons.

Our group lessons are full of distractions that help your dog gain valuable focusing skills. This is the key to being able to walk them off leash among other tasks. We are constantly changing locations–from bustling downtown to dog-friendly parks to challenging hikes. With practice, your dog will be zoned in and capable of following direction no matter what surrounds him or her. Being able to focus and receive direction is key to your canine’s discipline.

We will go through common activities that prove valuable in everyday life. One example of an exercise we like to do is practicing loading and unloading the car. So, if you take your dog to the store, you will have confidence that you can load your car up with groceries without them becoming distracted by something around them.

We also practice fun obstacle courses that are fun for the dog and will help you work on your commands. It’s always a great experience for everyone who comes out to our dog training group classes. It gives your dog exceptional practice in virtually every aspect of their training (plus, they get to hang out with some new friends). With different locations, hikes and challenges, we know that you will find our Reno dog training lessons valuable, informational and fun. Together we will help you train the dog of your dreams.