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The Best Christmas Gifts For Your Dog

Have you gone shopping for Fido yet? There’s a whole lot of holiday gift ideas out there, so we took it upon ourselves to comb through them all and put together the ultimate list of gifts for your dog’s stocking. Think of it as our gift to you and your furry family member! Happy Holidays from Dog Gone Amazing!


Homemade candy cane dog treats. Easy to make, delicious holiday fun for them!  

dog christmas toys


Joyful Moose Stuffed Toy $6.99

You can’t beat a stuffed toy. Plus, it will keep your pup away from the stuffed animals you got your kiddos!  

christmas dog toys


Orbee Balls $11

You can feel good about buying this toy for your pet. Developed by the Planet Dog Foundation, this organization has given over 1 million dollars to fund the training, placement and support of service dogs for people and need. I’ll buy 5!

christmas orbee ball



Personalized dog tags $5-10

So cute, how could you not get one?

christmas dog tags



Light Up Leash $14.99

Who says the nightly walks can’t be safe and fun? Light up the night with these glowing leashes.

light up leash


Woof Washer 360 $11

Save time and unwanted moving around with this simple, one-and-done dog washing method. The person who made this must have felt the frustration of a squirmy dog at bath time.

woof washer christmas toy


Dog Water Bottles $14

You and your dog spend a lot of time in nature and you’re both sick and tired of sharing a water bottle, this is the gift for you two. No more awkward water-falling or makeshift hand bowls. 

toy dog bowl


Dog Hoodie $7-15

For the hip pooch in town.



Dog Water Fountain $156.29 

It’s about time! Perfect for backyard games and summer days.

holiday water fountain

Margarita $12.50

The Margarita stuffed toy, so your pup can join you in at-home happy hour! 

christmas toy ideas

Dog Peek $35

For the curious one, a fun and safe way to peek around the neighborhood.

christmas gift ideas dogs