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At Dog Gone Amazing, our dog training classes in Reno have been incredibly effective in helping some down-right amazing dogs become more disciplined and overcome behavioral problems. These days, those pups are enjoying great lives with their families. We thought this would be a fine place to share a few stories of some of the dogs we’ve worked with. Regardless of the issue you’re experiencing with your dog, Dog Gone Amazing has dog training classes in Reno to help correct it. We would jump at the opportunity to help you and your dog achieve the same kind of results as the case studies we’ve listed here. 


Skeeter, the Rambunctious Puppy with a Bit of a Listening Problem

At the age of one, this Golden Retriever was showing all the typical signs of a young, untrained dog. On walked, Skeeter pulled insistently at the end of his leash, jumped up, ignored commands such as “come” and “stay,” and barked obnoxiously at each and every opportunity. Whilte he didn’t have any major issues or red flags, Skeeter certainly was suffering from some bad manners.


Skeeter’s owners decided to go with our 20 Day Board & Train program. This included 20 days of living with Dog Gone Amazing full-time, four to six hours training every day, e-collar training, and plenty of trips to distracting locations like coffee shops, parks and stores. 


At the end of this course, we reintroduced Skeeter, who was now quite the genetleman, to his owners. Without losing any of his fun and exciting spirit, Skeeter now listens, comes when he’s called, never jumps and rarely barks inappropriately. His owners have followed through perfectly with consistent brush-up training. Now they enjoy taking him with them everywhere they go–showing off the new and improved Skeeter. 


Skeeter, our golden retriever, attended the 21 day Board & Train at age 2.  It was the greatest gift we could give to him and ourselves. He is now 9 and we still receive compliments on his behavior. We also use DGA for boarding and always know Skeeter is in great hands with Malaika & the DGA staff.



JACK, the youthful

lab on a tear

As a nine-month-old Black Lab pup, Jack couldn’t resist the fun of jumping up on his owners, digging holes in the backyard and rummaging through the garbage cans. The final breaking point was when his owner tried to take him for a walk with her newborn baby. Jack pulled the leash so hard down the driveway that they were almost injured. Fortunately, she knew Dog Gone Amazing could help curb Jack’s rowdy behaviors.


Jack was brought in to participate in a Board and Train program for 20 days of serious training. We introduced him to the e-Collar and set to work with 8 hours of training each day. He also had excursions out into the world to test his ability to stay focused and participate in leash training.


Once our comprehensive training was completed, we invited his owners to come meet the new Jack, who was now a sensitive and aware dog. Jack’s owners have kept up on all his training and have become e-collar experts. Now Jack can have fun running around mindfully in the park or while on his leash for calm walks. At home, no more digging or garbage can buffets! Jack is a great pup who loves his family and is now careful and well behaved around their child.


Jack came back a whole new dog!  He was everything we had hoped for and then some.  Malaika took great care to train him the right way and gave us the tools to make sure he stayed that way.  Her approach is great and the results were immediate and lasting.  He is now a model citizen and hands down the best dog I have ever had.  He has been in local commercials and constantly gets compliments on how great he turned out.




Hunter, was approaching his second birthday when he began to show aggressive behavior at the dog park. At around the same time, he bit a neighborhood boy on the hand, and while the wound wasn’t severe the behavior was certainly worrisome. 


Hunter was enrolled immediately into the 20 Day Board & Train Program. The Dog Gone Amazing team got to work introducing Hunter to the eCollar system and spending a lot of time working specifically to address his aggression issues. Hunter received four to six hours of training daily as he learned how to access a calm state-of-mind and correct his instinct to react.


Once his training program was complete, Hunter was delivered back to his home and re-introduced to the family. We taught Hunter’s owners about how to correct resource guarding, how to lead basic obedience commands and have enjoyable walks. Hunter was able to completely transform his behavior and stop his aggression. Newly equiped with his training skills, Hunter is a happy member of the family who can control his energy and enjoy time with humans and canines alike.




After Hunter started to show aggressive behavior we were really concerned that if his behavior continued we wouldn’t be able to keep him. Now, when we introduce Hunter to new people and house guests, he settles down quickly and is just happy to be where everybody is. We send Hunter to Dog Gone Amazing twice a month for Trek and Train refreshers and he loves it! He is excited to see his old friends, both canine and human. We are grateful for the time and energy that all the staff have put in with him. Hunter’s a wonderful dog and Dog Gone Amazing has helped us share him with the world. 


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