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January 20

6:15 AM  We all woke up and the dogs did their business outside. Rufus still wasn’t ready to eat so no breakfast for him. He went straight to the couch that he claimed the day before and relaxed. I am definitely ok with that.  He is deciding on his own to be out with us so I can’t ask for more.

12:00  We met up with Malaika and her 4 dogs downtown near the river and went for a walk.  Yup, us with 7 dogs walking downtown!  Rufus checked out each person we walked by and walked contently with the dogs.  The news guy even video taped us!

3:30 First we walked around Kohls and got pets from old ladies and then sat in Starbucks for an hour and a half while Malaika and I had a business meeting.

6:00  When we got home Rufus went straight for the water bowl and drank a whole bunch.  Then I gave them all dinner and although him and Mo switched food, he ate dinner!  I was very happy.  I even saw him attempt to play with Mo for about 10 seconds a little later which was the first “dog-like thing I have seen out of him.”

10:00 Night time.  I thought I would have to help guide him again but he apparently enjoyed it so much the night before that he went right in on his own.  I almost called his parents to tell them the news becaues one of their goals was to crate train him but I knew it could wait until morning. Great way to end the day Rufus!