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Have you ever had the chance to spend even just a few minutes playing with a puppy? If so, you know few things can put a smile on your face faster than a round of tugofwar with the little guy. You’re not the only one who took note of the happiness playing with or owning a dog brings you, though. In fact, scientists have studied the relationship between dogs and their owners for decades. The results? Interesting, some surprising and others not so surprising. At Dog Gone Amazing, we love the love our dogs bring to us; therefore, this month we are sharing 4 health benefits that come with owning a dog.

4 Health Benefits of Owning a Dog

Heart Healthy

Studies have shown a correlation between dog owners and healthy cardiovascular wellbeing. By owning a dog, individuals are less prone to medical conditions such as high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol levels. Why? Researchers believe the link lies behind lower stress levels associated with dog owners from the joy owning a pet brings them.

Breathe Easy

When was the last time you thought that the health benefits of owning a dog included better breathing? Probably … never. However, studies show that having a four-legged friend in the house can reduce a child’s chances of developing airborne allergies … by as much as 33%. Contrary to popular belief, being exposed to the dander and germs that come with a dog can actually help our bodies rather than hurt them.

Smile Like You Mean It

As we mentioned earlier, the happiness you feel when interacting with a dog is undeniable. However, those feelings of happiness aren’t fleeting. Dogs have been incredibly effective instruments in treating depression, anxiety and loneliness through a practice known as Animal-assisted therapy (AAT). This form of therapy has been particularly effective when helping elderly people separated from their families in care facilities to deal with loneliness.

Ready, set … run!

It’s no surprise that one of the health benefits of owning a dog would be getting you outside and active. Dogs need outdoor activity and exercise, so it’s up the owner to help them get the exercise they need. Naturally, then, dog owners often rank as more physically fit than individuals who own other pets or no pets at all.

Owning a dog is more than a hobby. It’s a commitment to take care of an animal who will love, cherish and protect you. And just when you might have thought that all you received in return was a few licks on the face or cuddle buddy, your dog has been helping you stay healthy all along.