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Reno has a terrific local food scene. But imagine this. It’s Saturday and your whole family decides to go out to lunch. Excited for a tasty excursion, everyone puts on their shoes, files out to the car and … shuts that door right in your face. Welcome to a dog’s life!

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Thanks to these wonderfully pro-pooch possibilities–offering anything from coffee and sit-down brunch to happy-hour wining and fine dining–if you hate leaving out your foodie fido, paw-ruse on.

[NOTE: Although this list should keep you and your canine culinistas’ bellies full for a while, let us know if we missed a spot and we’ll add it to the list!]


Dog Friendly Restaurants in Reno

Restaurants / Bars / Grills

Breakfast / Brunch

Coffee / Smoothies / Etc.

Beer / Wine