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Galena Times Article, Winter Issue

Dog Gone Amazing Diaries: Issue 2
“Straight from the Dog’s Mouth”

Jackson’s Perfect Day
Ahhhhh, Sunday! What a great day! It all starts with me waking up in the sun by the window, my favorite spot! My human mom lets me out to go to the bathroom which I can do on command in a certain area of the yard so I don’t make a mess where the humans play. Then I get a delicious breakfast while I sit patiently waiting. My mom drinks her cup of coffee and I get to cuddle with her on the couch. Sometimes, on especially lazy Sundays, we lie down together and sleep for another hour. I love being in my mom’s arms. We sleep so nice together and I know that she loves me more than anything, and I return the love. After we wake up, we both go outside and bask in the sun together. It seems we are on the same communication wavelength, I understand all of her human commands and she totally gets me too.
After a nap and some sun it is finally time to get the day started. My mom and I get in the car and go for a drive. I love sitting next to her in the passenger’s seat and she trusts that I will just sit there and be good. As we pull up to Home Depot, my excitement gets the best of me and I let out a little whine. “Quiet,” she says. Oh yeah, sorry Mom! I just love this place. I don’t even need a leash. I just cruise next to my mom and everybody comes and gives me such wonderful pets. Our communication is so clear that she can practically whisper. I hear other Humans ask her about how I got to be such a good a dog, how she can remain so calm while her dog is off leash. She talks a bit about my awesome trainer, Malaika with Dog Gone Amazing. People laugh and say, “Well, your dog is AMAZING!” I just hold my head high and soak it all in and so does my mom. After Home Depot, we go on a great hike for a few hours. This is where I get to run and chase things… bunnies are my favorite, and one of these days I’m gonna catch one!! Mom can trust that I will stay close and even if I do get too far, she easily calls me back or tells me to sit while she catches up. I love HIKES!!
That concludes my day. I am so tired after my wonderful Sunday. My mom and dad top it off with some treats and delicious dinner and I am out like a light!!
It is so nice to have a day with my human parents that are full of love and exercise and new adventures and things to do. When I am on leash, you wouldn’t know it, I just walk next to my Mom and hang out with her with lots of slack in the leash. I feel so bad for the dogs that I see pulling on the leash choking themselves. It’s too bad their parents haven’t been to Dog Gone Amazing so they can learn to communicate like my human parents and I do.
When we go for hikes in the hills, I can run as far and hard as I want and she can always still communicate with me. Ever since meeting Malaika with Dog Gone Amazing when I was just 4 months old, my world has become my oyster. There is nothing I can’t learn or do and I go everywhere because my human parents are fully confident in the training and they trust me anywhere. I quickly learned to trust that they will always guide and protect me, never leading me into harm. I have also learned that if I listen to them consistently, I learn new things and go new places. Life IS good!!

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Jackson is a 1 year old Min Aussie Shepherd