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They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but if your dog’s current “tricks” include a bag of bad behaviors, it’s certainly not a philosophy you’ll enjoy following. No matter how much you love your four-legged family member, their bad habits can change your entire experience for you and your family. But how do you go about changing some of those bad habits? Whether it’s training your pup for the first time or re-training them to be the obedient, loving dog you know they can be – the new year could be a fresh start for you both.

First off, it’s important to remember that no canine is too old or too young to benefit from dog obedience school or even some DIY, at-home training. This is because training isn’t a one-and-done process—it’s a lifestyle with seasons. If last season brought you an obedient, well-behaved dog, a few bad habits popping into their daily routine doesn’t mean it was all a wash or that your dog is a lost cause. It just means that, like each new season, changes will come. And as we do with any of life’s transitions, we all adjust accordingly.

Of course, no two dogs are the same. And as such, there’s no one-size-fits-all method to their obedience training. In fact, recognizing their specific behavioral changes and habits will often inform you if and when it’s time to find them a dog obedience school or overall education center.


Pulling On Their Leash

We’ve all either seen or been the dog owner who can’t enjoy walked because they’re the one being walked. Some dogs may appear to enjoy pulling on their leash, anxiously exploring everything in sight, but this act isn’t a harmless one. In fact, teaching your dog to walk on a loose leash (and all the trust that can be built through that) can be accomplished in as little as 30 minutes.

Barking at Every Windblown Leaf

No dog should be expected to be silent 24/7, but barking at anything and everything can be a marker of anything from anxiety to communicating pain or other deeper problems. Getting them to simply stop isn’t the solution, and a quality dog obedience school can help you remedy whatever deeper issue is at work here.

Jumping On Guests and Strangers

You may be inadvertently rewarding your dog for excitedly jumping up on you whenever you come home from work. It’s behavior that can be charming to some owners who appreciate the love and frustrating for others who feel like their pet is out of control. Either way, dogs who get this excitable about every person on the street or new guest at home can actually be dangerous to children, elders, disabled people or just unsuspecting strangers. 

Being Aggressive With Neighboring Dogs

Dogs aren’t inclined to fight with one another. It’s not their natural behavior, so when you notice your dog is aggressive and fights with other dogs, it’s imperative that you work to change this behavior.

Just like excessive barking, aggression toward other dogs can actually be a marker of a deeper problem — one which you can and should seek professional obedience training for in a quality dog education center.

In fact, if your dog has shown any of these behavioral problems or others that make you feel like it’s time for a change, you can take our online evaluation. It’s a simple quiz that can help you find the right type of program that will be most helpful to your four-legged friend. Because like we said, training is not a one-size-fits-all process.



If one of your new year goals includes breaking bad behavior and want to arrange professional dog training, we are happy to help. Dog Gone Amazing can help you decide on the right training plan for you and your dog at whichever level you choose.

If you prefer a more one-on-one, learn with your dog approach read more about our Dog Training Lessons.

If you would like a more immersive, quick-learn style where a professional dog trainer teaches the dog obedience training for you, learn more about our Board and Train programs. 

We also offer In-Home Dog Training that can be a great match for dog-owners who can’t, or don’t have the time to, travel.

If you’re not sure what training style is best for you and your dog – take our online training quiz.

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