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Halloween is here and between decorating and costume shopping there is so much excitement to be shared. We’d like to share our Halloween dog safety tips everyone safe and happy during this particularly overstimulating holiday. Whether you decide to take your dogs out trick or treating or hand out candy from home, here are Dog Gone Amazing’s quick reminders for a safe Halloween.

Stay Inside. Don’t leave your dogs in the front yard during Halloween. Aside from all the new, painted and costumed strangers roaming around, it’s common for Halloween pranksters to mess with dogs on Halloween night.

Play Earlier In the Day. If you plan on handing out candy, or if you are hosting a Halloween party, tire Fido out witha nice afternoon hike or play time before it’s time to settle in for the evening. This will keep him from getting overly excited around guests or kiddos in costumes. Also, keep your dog away from the door so they don’t get overly excited or stressed with the constant opening and closing of the door.

Keep Track Of Halloween Treats. Pumpkin and other holiday squash are difficult for dogs to digest, so keep them away from their reach when carving pumpkins, especially if your dog is a curious eater.

Dress Them Up Safely. Choose a non-flammable Halloween costume that doesn’t restrict vision or movement. If possible, have them wear the costume a few days before to see how they move in it, and keep it from being an uncomfortable surprise.

NO Sugar! NO Exceptions! Keep them away from that Halloween candy, of course! Sugar, especially chocolate, is extremely toxic for dogs. So when the kiddos dump their whole bag of goodies on the floor at the end of the night for counting and trading, keep your dog out of the room. If you just can’t bare to leave him our of the fun, make him some dog delicious dog treats with this recipe.

Check Out This Awesome Infographic By TheUncommonDog.com


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Happy Halloween!