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We have an idea for a Christmas gift this year that will benefit the entire family— a dog training and boarding program for your dog! We know what you’re thinking “of course they’d say that, they’re a dog training center” but hear us out. This is a gift that will last years, transform your home life, benefit the whole family AND it won’t clutter up the closet or end up in the donation box this summer. With our dog training and boarding programs there are so many benefits rolled up in one! We’ve outlined our top three reasons why this could be a great Christmas gift for the whole family. 

Dog Training and Boarding Your Dog Will LOVE 

Dog Training and Boarding Play Time Let’s face it, with all the friends and family to buy for this season your dog is probably not at the top of the list. However, if you plan to travel at all this holiday season, this is a way to get the best possible boarding experience AND return to a fully trained dog. As you travel you’ll have peace-of-mind knowing your dog isn’t just in good hands but they’re having the best doggone time of their lives. Our dog training and boarding programs include:

  • One-on-One Training
  • A calm, focused environment that allows for faster results and ability to master skills
  • All-inclusive boarding accommodations
  • Play groups!
  • A 1 hour daily hike
  • Picture updates
  • One-on-one playtime and petting  

Dog Training Benefits YOU Will Love

Dog Training and Boarding PettingOnce your dog has completed their dog training and boarding program you can return to a transformed dog. Our training team will give you the rundown on what your dog learned and set up a one-on-one lesson. In that one-on-one follow up lesson we will teach you everything your dog learned, the proper commands, how to use training tools and “pass over the keys” to your newly trained dog. As a results, you’ll return home having a solid foundation to communicate and a whole new lease on life as a dog owner! No more confusion and frustration.


Lasting Benefits for The Whole Family

Dog Training and Boarding- Dog with FamilyIf your family is frustrated by your dog’s behavior it can keep you from truly loving them they way they need and make them feel like a burden. That’s probably not what you were shooting for when you got your dog in the first place. With our dog training and boarding programs, you and your dog will now have the tools you need to not just live in peace together but really LOVE each other’s company. When your dog knows how to behave they know what to do to please you, which means more praise, cuddles and treats! Even more, when your dog knows how to behave you can trust them and it will give them the freedom to join the family for hikes, trips and outings stress-free. You will have an AMAZING family dog that can live a happy life as a beloved companion.

So this holiday season, imagine what the gift of dog training and boarding could mean for your dog and your family. If you plan on heading out of town for the holidays it could be the perfect opportunity to make sure your dog is well cared for AND gift the whole family with a happy, well-adjusted dog.

If this sounds like it could be a great match for your family, take a look at our Board and Train programs. Questions? Give us a call at 775-800-1011 and we’ll happy to answer any questions.