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Remote collars, E collars, or “Shock” collars have been around since the 1960’s, originally used for gun dog training. New and advanced electronic collars are available and are being applied to a wide range of purposes, including behavioral modification, anti-theft and GPS location and tracking, obedience training, pet containment, military, police and service training. A lot of owners believe that E collars are harsh and/or cruel but they are actually just the opposite! Clinical studies have found that when used properly, electronic devices do not have any psychological or physiological effects. There are, however, many reports of prong collars or choke chains causing damage to the neck and trachea of dogs.

At Dog Gone Amazing dog training, we provide a free consultation and demonstration to discuss your needs and goals for training your dog. We explain the appropriate use and design of the collar and answer any questions or concerns you may have. Collars should never be used as a punishment tool. They are used as a light, wireless method of communication, a focus tool to get the dogs attention under any and all situations. The technology of the collars has improved dramatically from the “intense shock” collars of the 60’s. Today they are much more reliable and efficient.

Here are some advantages to E collars:

1. Off leash control at any distance.

2. Quick obedience and consistency with the training.

3. An instant bond between you and your dog, true respect.

4. Flexibility to train anywhere.

5. E collars are water proof and have a half mile range.

Using an E collar with correct training will enhance your relationship with your dog. Imagine being able to walk your dog off leash through a park without him running away, being able to take your dog anywhere and have complete control, having your dog actually listen and focus when you are communicating with him.  You want respect and love from your dog. They also need to look to you for love, fun, guidance and knowledge.  When you accomplish that, the results are pure and real and the training levels are endless.