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Fall is officially upon us! The air is getting crisper, the days a little shorter, the leaves a lot more fun to run and romp and crunch about in! Although we’re still getting some warm days, your pooch is probably welcoming these dusky evenings with temperatures perfectly suited for walks to the park.

For our pets, there’s a lot to love about autumn, but it never shows up without its dangerous downsides. Read on for our fall dog safety tips on keeping your dog happy and healthy this season!

Rodenticides. Your pets aren’t the only ones who like being nice and snug. Cooler weather drives mice and rats inside our garages, basements and—eek—homes. If you’re battling these uninvited guests, please do NOT use rodenticides. Pets can find them and ingest them, with potentially fatal results. Consider using other poison-free styles of trap. Or better yet—if your pooch will tolerate a feline friend—get the kind of mousetrap you can pet: a cat!

Food & Water. As the temperatures dip, your dog will need to expend more energy to generate the appropriate amount of body heat. If you have a larger breed of dog, simply a very active one, or any pet who lives outdoors, up the helping size that lands in their food dish to help them stay stocked up on energy. And when the freezes come, make sure they don’t get between your dog and his drinking water.

Snakes. Yep, we have ‘em. Maybe not as many as Tucson or somewhere like that, but we do. And right now, ours are busy making plans about all the things they need to do before they find a spot to spend their winters. Evidently, it’s stressful and it makes them cranky. If you’re out walking in snake territory, take extra care and be aware to combat the heightened risk of bites, especially to pooches who try to make friends with the wrong critter.  

Car Safety. If you care for your car or truck as part of your family, you might prepare for the change in weather with a change in engine coolant. Be VERY aware of drips and leaks, especially of glycol-based coolants, which are highly toxic—and, unfortunately highly sweet-tasting—to pets. Even propylene glycol-based coolants, while less toxic than other kinds of coolants, can be dangerous if ingested.

So here’s from all of us at Dog Gone Amazing hoping you and your furry friends go into the new season healthy, happy and safe!