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The dog days of summer are here, and in the Reno-Tahoe area that means thunderstorms, splashy events by the Truckee River and most of all … soon-to-be scorching temperatures. Warmer temperatures mean more time outside (hopefully with your favorite furry little guy or gal). But as temperatures in the area rise, so should your awareness of the dangers that come with the heat. As Reno’s premier dog training professionals, Dog Gone Amazing insists that dog owners around the world take the necessary precautions to keep your four-legged pal safe in the sun this summer.

Dogs love travelling around with their owners; no matter where the destination is, they’re ultimately just happy to be with you. But, the car, for one, can be a dangerous place. While most people would assume the most dangerous place for animals is the road, the facts show us otherwise.

We all know that cars get hot, but we underestimate just how quickly temperatures can rise and just how high that temperature might be. As a rule of thumb, if the outside temperature is more than 60° do not leave your dog in the car – even if the windows are cracked. In a matter of minutes the inside of cars can reach temperatures of over 100°, creating a volatile environment for your furry friend. Bring your dog with you whenever and wherever you can, and never leave a dog in the car during the summer months, even if you’re “just running in for a second.”

Walking is a regular routine for most dogs and their owners. But during the summer months, walking even short distances in extreme heat or humidity can cause your dog more harm than good. If your dog looks faint or shows signs of overheating, the first thing to do is take them to the shade. Once they begin to cool off, giving them lukewarm water (so their blood vessels don’t constrict, counteracting the cooling effect) is best.

Life’s a beach, eh? Not always. While Lake Tahoe and the other lakes surrounding Reno offer plenty of dog-friendly beaches, make sure to take caution when bringing your dog to play in the sand and water. Always keep an eye on your dog, other dogs and the various threats that present themselves at the beach. Once the fun is over, don’t forget to bathe your dog in fresh, clean water to wash away bugs, sand or other things lurking under his/her coat.

Do you want to know more about keeping your pooch safe in the summer sun? Dog Gone Amazing will be offering its Classes for Clever Canines: Summer Dog Safety with Peggy Rew this month on June 24th for dog owners of all shapes and sizes. Come learn at Reno’s ultimate course for summer dog safety from one of the area’s best professionals, Peggy Rew. We’ll see ya’ there!