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Imagine this: You’re going away on a much-needed vacation with family or friends (or both) and you are thinking of what to do with BeeBop, the new dog you’ve had for a few months and have fallen in love with. What if we told you there’s an option where BeeBop could complete top-notch dog training in Reno and you would know they were safe, happy and getting plenty of exercise? Well, say HELLO to Dog Gone Amazing’s Board-and-Train packages.

Our Board & Train Packages are the most effective ways to provide your dog with comprehensive training. For everything from basic commands like “come” and “sit” to more advanced behaviors like maintaining total control amidst distractions, our Board & Train Packages give your dog a complete obedience makeover. We first look at their current behaviors and tailor a training program that’s unique to them and addresses the behaviors you’d like to see (or NEVER see again).

Our Board-and-Train programs are 3 weeks long, which means for 21 days BeeBop will be immersed in professional training that’s sure to stick for the long term. We’ll also include private lessons with you*, the human, so you can learn the proper commands to help BeeBop practice what he’s learned and be at his best.

If you’re going away on vacation, this is the perfect time to send your dog to complete one of Dog Gone Amazing’s Board and Train packages. Let them have a vacation of their own while you go away on yours. Just like you, they’ll come home fully refreshed. Plus, they’ll be balanced, behaved and equipped with all the manners that make them so dang charming.

21-day Board-and-Train Package | $2,800

For the best option for dog training in Reno, get started by booking with us today RIGHT HERE.

*Our packages include a 1.5-hour private lesson with you upon completion.