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Hey Malaika,

I wanted to take a moment to say thank you and tell you how much your excellent customer service meant to me. Unfortunately, it seems rare these days for people to stand behind either their word or product – I am thrilled: Dog Gone Amazing does not fall into that category!

I remember the first time you came to our house for the no-obligation, free consultation and the words you used describing the product you sell and train with; and, how one of the benefits of buying the dogtra system from you, is you would act as an intermediary with the company, should there be any unanticipated problems with the product. This made an impression on me.

When Otis Joe’s collar suddenly and unexpectedly did not work one morning I thought I must not have charged it properly the night before. After trying to recharge twice again, once even using a different outlet, I realized something was wrong. I couldn’t help but think, “Oh boy, here we go”.

I gave you an after-hours call, leaving a message to give you a heads up; to my great surprise you called back that evening & left me a message! The next morning we spoke about the situation and within 3 hours, you were very accommodating, at my office, delivering a replacement collar and transmitter – completely hassle free & happy to help! WOW. You stood by your word 100%.

The new collar is functioning beautifully. I can not express how happy everyone in our household is, and how very important it was to have a replacement collar within hours versus having to be without it for 2-3 weeks. We train with the collar every day without fail. The e-collar system coupled with the training we received from you truly has been a life saver for our dog-family situation (keeping our pup in our house) and none of us can imagine being without it for an extended time.

To make a long story short: thank-you, thank-you, and thank-you. Our gratitude goes out to you and may you reap the rewards of fabulous customer service many times over. Since working with you, I have enthusiastically referred you to any person or family even thinking about adding a dog/puppy to their lives If ever anyone would like to speak to a happy client please do not hesitate to provide us as a reference. And, Otis Joe says thank you too, for providing the tool his family needed to be able to set boundaries, limits and expectations for him in a way he could understand and they could execute!

See you soon,
Kimberly E. Drakulich