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This time of year, some of us spend more time at the gym trying to shed a few lbs in time for the rapidly (too rapidly) approaching swimsuit season. Well, after a lazy winter, your dog might be in the same situation. It’s sometimes easy to forget, but our furry little friends have most likely spent significantly less active time outside during the winter months, also. And just like their owners, dogs need/crave exercise too. READ MORE

Start Slow

Before hitting the gym with Rosco, take a moment to think how your body reacts to intense exercise after months of less activity or plain old inactivity. Now apply that concept to your dog when you set out for your first long-ish run, hike or outdoor outing of the warmer seasons. To ensure you make the most of your outdoor activity time and to keep your dog’s tail wagging away, we at Dog Gone Amazing recommend easing into your glorious return to outdoor activities.

Genes Play a Large Part

Depending on your dog’s breed, certain activities may not be suitable and we recommend contacting your veterinarian or surfing the web to check what activities are appropriate for your specific dog. Once you’ve cleared Rosco for takeoff, again we remind you to take off slowly. One excellent way to get your dog back in the groove is by taking traditional daily walks. Pick up those walking trails where you left off before the chilly weather set in. This gives your dog a chance to get his or her muscles working again.

You Are How Much You Eat

Just a simple reminder to watch your dog’s eating habits now that they are incorporating consistent (maybe sometimes even rigorous) exercise back into their routine. If they’re slamming down their food and searching for more, they may not be getting enough to support the new amount of exercise they’re getting. The difference will most likely be noticeable if they were indeed pretty dormant during the winter.

After a week or two of gradually increased exercise, your dog should be ready to roll. Whenever beginning any type of strenuous outdoor exercise with your dog, make time for water and rest breaks and even snacks to ensure they are hydrated and avoiding exhaustion. Exercising with your dog is a fantastic way to stay motivated and spend time together, and both your dog and your body will thank you for the time you spend together out in the springtime weather.