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7:10  My husband just reminded me of something Rufus did.  Every night when we get ready for sleep my boys jump up on the bed and Rufus walks in his crate.  Ive noticed him being curious about the bed the last couple of nights.  He will walk around the perimeter and wait for me to notice him.  I say hello and pat the bed telling him its ok to come up if he wants and he just walks away confused.  So last night when he was doing his walk I picked him up and put him on the bed.  I assumed he would probably be startled from me picking him up and jump off right away but instead he walked over to my husbands side and curled up right near his pillow!  I let him sleep with us on the bed but told him it had to be our little secret!

I also wanted to mention some tail news.  The first day when I brought Rufus on a run his tail was tucked under and he lagged behind us.  Today when we ran his tail was up high and he was right upfront with my dog.  Yay, we have improved his self esteem which in turn has made him less fearful!