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I brought Rufus back to his owners last night.  I have to admit that I was a little nervous because you just never know how a dog will react when you put him back in his old surroundings.  But Rufus did me proud.  He was so excited to see his family.  He checked out the house and wrestled a bit with his brother and sister.  I went over everything they needed to know on how to continue Rufus’s rehabilitation.  Even though I had been to Rufus’s house twice before we began the board and train I had never actually “met” him.  Before he was a ball of nerves; shaking, eyes wide open and fixated, bolting from hiding spot to hiding spot.  He would hold his breath so long he would have to take in a deep breath.  But as I sat in his house talking with his owners I saw a completely different dog.  He was present in the moment, content, relaxed, and NOT SCARED.  It was an amazing transformation.  Now I hope that lots of other people can meet Rufus because he is a great dog!