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After our blog post about command consistency, everyone’s been begging for a demonstration video about basic commands, and here it is! I know this one is a little short, but we promise there are more to come.

In this video Malaika and Izzy show us how to perform the commands place, sit, come and down. These commands are the absolute bare-minimum commands to teach your dog.

For those of you who don’t know Izzy, she holds a special place in the hearts of the DGA team. Izzy used to live in a shelter and was very aggressive around people. Malaika adopted her and trained Izzy herself, and her transformation was amazing! Now Izzy is friendly and polite around people and seems to be much happier overall. She is now adopted by a loving family that brings her to DGA for brush up and additional training. Look how well she is doing:


If you haven’t heard, we’re answering training questions on our Facebook page for the next week or 2. Some of your questions will be answered with a video, so post your question and you could see a video response on our page!

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