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Hey there everyone!

We get a lot of enthusiastic feedback about our advice-filled posts and newsletters, so we decided to make them even more fun and interactive. We’re launching a video series! Each video will feature some current training we’re working on with DGA-enrolled dogs so you can see and hear the process with your own eyes and ears. The videos will be posted to our blog every couple of weeks, so stop by often.

Our inaugural video stars our very own Ripken demonstrating how to be “sent” to “place”. Here’s what to expect:


How to “Send” Your Dog to “Place”

Pooch: Ripken

Age: 10 months

Breed: German Wirehaired Pointer

Training: How to “send” your dog to “place” from afar and positively reinforce his learning with treats and praise.

The Scoop: If you can get your dog to “place”—to sit or stand in the place you choose—from close by, then you can send him/her to do it from a distance, too! This technique encourages discipline and control, but there’s another really fun part of sending your dog to place. Punctuate the break—or release—command with a short jog backward and your pup won’t just come to you, he or she’ll come running!

Click here to watch how Ripken did!