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Everyone meet Rufus.  Rufus is a male border terrier with severe anxiety.  We met him and his brother (who some of you have met at  group class), Buzz the Airedale, about 2 months ago.  His owners, Lindy and Danny adopted him about 9 months ago.  His past has a lot of holes in it but what we do know was not pleasant.  He was abandoned as a foreclosure dog before he found his way into Danny and Lindys home.  He came to them a nervous wreck who ran away from everyone and hid wherever he could.  Danny is the only person he has yet to bond with and trust.  They decided it would be best for Malaika and I to take Rufus for 2 weeks and rehabilitate him so he can become a happy, carefree dog.   I welcome you to follow Rufus and I through his journey of rehabilitation!  I am going to blog through our time together so check in for updates.