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By Dagmar Bohlmann

Reno has gotten a new dog trainer in town. Malaika Heinbaugh, owner and head trainer of Dog Gone Amazing, has worked with animals her whole life.
“I always knew this was what I was born to do,” she said.
Dog Gone Amazing is different than other dog training companies in Reno. Heinbaugh delivers the highest level of obedience by offering lifetime training for your dog.
“I want my clients to be able to always fine tune their dogs amazing behavior,” she said.
Training happens not in a facility, it’s done at home and in public settings such as a park, so owners learn to handle their pets in all areas of life no matter what the distraction may be.
Dog Gone Amazing offers a free, no obligation demonstration at home or nearby park.
“We firmly believe that the proof is in the pudding,” Heinbaugh said. “You should see exactly what you can get before committing to lifetime training for your dog.”
The most important differences between Dog Gone Amazing and traditional training programs, is consistency. Heinbaugh and her staff use remote collar training as a light tap to get the dog’s attention so the commands come clearly and with focus.
“In essence this is like having an endlessly long invisible leash,” she said. “This overcomes the tendency of dogs to lose focus in certain situations where they may be distracted, an area where many other training methods fail.”
Remote collar training, done correctly and not as a correction based tool, can be the most useful, wireless communication for dogs. When Heinbaugh and her clients’ dogs are off leash they focus despite serious distractions.
Heinbaugh and her staff at Dog Gone Amazing Inc. pride themselves on lifelong, consistent training with a happy dog.
“We provide dog training for real life,” she said. According to a press release, others agree.
Christy Cranmer, original founder of Scraps Dog Company, says she has seen thousands of dogs over the last 13 years of owning Scraps stores that could have benefitted from such effective, fast training.
“I would recommend this training for most dogs,” she said. “This training is the best!”
And Cheryl McCuistion, who has worked at animal hospitals for 24 years, considers Heinbaugh a great trainer.
“Malaika is a refreshing change,” she said. “She is knowledgeable, dedicated and experienced with all types of dogs. Not only will you teach your dog, you will develop a relationship with your furry companion for life.”
Heinbaugh’s foundation for success has been built on a strong medical background from years spent in the veterinary field combined with the knowledge gained from attending several dog training schools and owning her own pet sitting/dog walking business first. She is canine CPR certified and has trained dogs for about five years.
The Dog Gone Amazing staff consists of two trainers, a licensed veterinary technician, a bookkeeper and a receptionist. Malaika and her staff attend continuing education training seminars every few months. Dog Gone Amazing is licensed and insured.