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Dogs thrive on routine. Therefore, when some part of their routine is changed, it can cause confusion. Major changes, such as moving, can result in a great deal of turmoil and stress for your dog. This often results in an emotional, sympathetic response from humans who can see the stress their dog is dealing with and feel bad for him or her. It is part of an owner’s kindness to then make further exceptions, allowing them up on the bed for the night or offering some other type of reward.

The trick to helping your dog adjust to a major change is to get their life back to normal as quickly as possible. Here are some dos and don’ts from your Reno dog training resource to make the adjustment as quickly and seamlessly as possible:

·      Do: Start establishing that the rules of the new house are the same as they were in the old.

·      Don’t: Give your dog a pass on some activity they are not normally allowed to do such as sleeping in your bed or on the couch.

·      Do: Try your very best to keep their schedule exactly the same as it was before the move: the same duration walk, feeding at the same time, etc.

·      Don’t: Set up a temporary place for them to eat or sleep until everything is organized. This will only give them the impression that this is where they are supposed to be in the new home.

·      Do: Start establishing the boundaries of the new home immediately. If there are places they are not allowed to be, like the bedrooms, set these boundaries the moment they are introduced into the home.

·      Don’t: Give them free reign to sniff out every inch of the home, thinking you will go back and set boundaries later.

Taking these opportunities for helping your dog adjust after a move from the beginning is key. This gives them the chance to find the similarities between their old home and the new. While it is very easy for us humans to gain an emotional response to their stress–allowing the rules to be broken on a one-time basis–it is not fair to your dog. It upsets their training and makes them even more confused when the rules are put back in place.


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