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11:44 AM   Well if you asked Rufus what the definition of dog torture was he would probably say, “Puppy parties.”  He was such a good sport last night at the Baring Vet Hospital monthly puppy party.  There were all types of dogs and temperaments.  He was very patient with them as they sniffed his face and tried to jump on him.  It was interesting to see the dogs he didn’t care for…they were the ones you could already guarantee are on their way to having behavioral issues.  There were the shy and nervous puppies whose owners immediately picked up and cradled to “protect and “save” them.  Little do they know they are just rewarding the insecure behavior which will eventually lead to either biting or like Rufus, hiding from the world.  Then there were the hyper, off the wall ones with no concept of boundaries.  Those will be the ones who eat your couch and take out your elderly neighbor by jumping on her.