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7:21  Rufus got to start his day out with an exciting surprise…his owner Dani!  He got an hour of her undivided attention during our morning group class.  It is great to be able to add in these sessions so that Rufus gets a chance to practice his commands with a new and very important person, his owner.    It was awesome for me to watch him and Dani’s chemistry.  Clearly he loves and wants to please her and he must have accomplished that because she had a glowing smile on her face the entire time.

Later in the afternoon Rufus had another group class, this time he spent the hour with his other owner, Lindee.  Again he did amazing and surprised everyone with his progress.  Malaika and I got some good video footage of him also.  Stay posted because we will have it on the website.

Next week Iam going to focus on some off leash/distance work.  Ive noticed that he appears a little ‘stuck’ when he is farther away from us.  He becomes unsure of what to do and a little nervous.  Even though I’m never very far away I think he feels like he’s been left alone.  I want him to be comfortable exploring and standing on his own two feet.  I also want to get more sound exposure in.  The park we had group at had quite a few cars going by and the noise from them made him uneasy.  I only have 6 more days with him and I want to make them count.