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Dogs have a very different understanding of the world than humans. As a committed Reno dog trainer, I have dedicated myself to understanding canine communication on a deep level. What I have found is that dogs tune in to the energy both humans and other dogs project. They are constantly observing their surroundings to find clues as to what is going on and what others want from them. This is very valuable information to have. While dogs can learn verbal commands, at the beginning of training they are usually doing nothing more than reading the energy that is being projected.

Understanding that dogs are primarily gathering information by reading the subtle body language that dictates what kind of energy we are projecting is worthwhile for a Reno dog trainer or owner. If we can master how we project our expectations, then we have a much better chance of success in achieving training goals. While there are many valuable and worthwhile training methods out there, most are dependent on how they are implemented.

When dealing with dogs, it is most effective to be calm and assertive. As a Reno dog trainer I have found that if either side of this equation is missing, the dog is unlikely to respond appropriately. By becoming frustrated with an action, it is very easy to raise your voice when issuing a directive. Immediately, your dog will pick up on that, most often responding as if they are in trouble. On the other side, a lack of assertiveness will usually result in your dog not taking you seriously, which is never good.

As an experienced Reno dog trainer, the first tip I can offer dog owners is to get into a training mindset. Anticipate that there will be setbacks and frustrations. When those issues arise, simply acknowledge that they are expected and commit to moving forward. Also, while being calm is very important, you must keep an assertive tone in your voice and posture. These are key steps toward finding success in your training, but they are just the first of many. At Dog Gone Amazing, we look forward to guiding you through the process of having the smart, well-mannered dog of your dreams.