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The days of feeling guilty for leaving your dog at home have passed. No more must dog owners feel the shame of pampering yourself and leaving Fido left out. It’s the 21st century, and with the new age has come the idea that dogs should not just be taken care of: given food, water, shelter and a loving family. From a relaxing and healthy massage to yoga, here are some of our favorite tips to pamper your dog this summer.


What your dog eats plays a critical role in their overall health and it’s no hidden fact that dogs like to eat, well, just about anything. Treating your dog can be as simple (and healthy) as cooking a few pieces of unseasoned meat or cooked vegetables like green beans or carrots. If you’re really looking to pamper your dog with all ends of the healthy-eating spectrum, baking your dog treats can be simple and delicious (for your dog that is).

Have you ever kicked back to enjoy a cold beer when you the guilt that your pup can’t enjoy the same refreshing and relaxing taste of one of man’s best creations? Now, he can. Shop online or at speciality pet stores for dog beer, made of chicken and beef broth in different flavors with nutrients beneficial for their health. If your dog doesn’t strike you as much of a beer drinker (even though it’s non-alcoholic), pick up some dog ice cream for him to give a lick.


Truly pampering your pet extends far beyond a quick day trip to the spa or a bucket of new toys; however, pampering your dog’s grooming needs is one of the many ways to show them that you care. For dogs who need to be regularly groomed by a professional, choosing a well-known and friendly grooming place will ensure that your dog enjoys their time there.

For pups who need more of a scrub and rinse than a full day at the groomers, at-home grooming products are as exotic as they are convenient. Take note of slippery bathtubs and sinks, and how your dog reacts to the products you use to make sure that they are enjoying their time in the tub. A clean dog is a happy dog!


For some dogs (and their owners) playing fetch, going on runs and maybe some good ol’ tug of war doesn’t cut the cake for getting your four-legged friend’s blood pumping. For owner’s looking to relieve the physical stresses that come with being a dog, doggie massage saves the day. But for those looking to put some more dog in their Downward Dog stretches, Doga offers specialized yoga for dogs. Doga incorporates stretching, meditation, gentle massage and even acupuncture at times for total doggy-wellness.

Pampering your pet can be crucial to developing a strong bond between you and your dog. Dog Gone Amazing is committed to helping train dogs (and owners) to create the best possible life for you and your poochie pal. For more information on pampering your pet, contact Dog Gone Amazing about our upcoming Classes for Clever Canines about all things pet-pampering.