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spring cleaning

We’re so close to spring, which means spring cleaning, including everything from washing your windows to dusting off your dog safety protocols. After a pandemic winter, we all want to get out and smell the tulips, and it’s always more fun with Fido in tow. Here are our top five dog safety tips to help keep your pup protected this season.

Tip 1: Spring Cleaning and Maintenance 

Ah, spring cleaning, the well-known tradition of out with the old and in with the new, or at least clean off the old and make it seem new! This is the time of year where basements, garages, and closets get their own designated keep and save piles. So, while you’re sweeping away winter residue, remember that your fur-iend needs a cleaned-up space too.

Generally, the back or front yards are dog territory, so add a dog safety scan to your spring-cleaning list. Check the perimeter of the yard and the fencing to make sure there are no holes they can crawl under, loose panels they can wriggle through, or any other barrier breaches. It’s also an excellent time to remove any trash or harmful debris that may have piled up from winter winds.


Tip 2: Keep a Lookout for Harmful Spring Pests

As things warm up, hibernating critters will slowly make their way into yards and homes. Keep on the lookout for red ants and other bugs that bite. Schedule regular grooming sessions to scan for fleas and ticks. If you’re out on the trail, remember that spring weather brings out rattlesnakes. Scan the paths in front of you and keep your dog in sight to make sure noses don’t end up in holes where they shouldn’t.


Tip 3: Stock Up On Doggy Sunscreen

You might be saying, “Huh? Sunscreen for dogs?” Even dogs with a lot of fur can still get sunburned. Usually, you’ll see this happen around areas with thinner hair like the noses and ears or on dogs with very short coats. Consider getting an easy SPF spray for quick application before a sunny hike or day at the lake.



Tip 4: Protect Those Paw Pads

With warmer weather, surfaces can heat up surprisingly fast. Consider your pup’s paws when planning routes that could have ample sun exposure, especially in the afternoon. Avoid walks on hot pavement, rocks, or sidewalks during the hottest hours of the day. If you know you’re headed to a non-foot-friendly zone, pick up a set of dog boots to help protect them from sharp edges and burning temperatures.


Tip 5: Schedule Some Dog Safety Training

Dog training is never a one-and-done process. Your dog needs regular practice to stay up to scruff on their good doggy skills. Spring is the perfect time to consider scheduling in some new dog safety training or to tackle those pesky bad habits. At Dog Gone Amazing, we work with your dog to revive skills that have slipped over the years or to address new behavior issues that have sprung up. Check out our Brush-Up Lessons for affordable packages and offerings.

As it warms up and you’re likely to spend more time around other people or out on the trail, taking a few steps to be prepared can help avoid unwanted discomfort and danger down the road.

We hope everyone has a safe and happy spring!