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It’s finally Springtime and we are eager to get out on the trails with our furry friends and enjoy the area’s beautiful lakes and forests. As dog owners, we want our pals to get the most out of their springtime adventures, so we have a few things to cover before heading out for sunny fun. Whether you’re camping, hiking or BBQing in the backyard, here are a few safety precautions to consider before heading onto the trails. 

Creepy Crawlies and Snakes

We aren’t the only ones itching for some sunlight! Creatures that have been dormant for the last few months are emerging as the weather gets warmer, so we want to stay safe while sharing the trail. Remember to stay on the trail, avoid large rocks or areas with dense foliage, and consider keeping your pal on a leash in areas known for snakes. Also look out for snake safety classes in your neighborhood.

Parasites are also back in full swing, and they have a habit of crawling into your pup’s paw pads. Remember to properly medicate your pals with anti-parasitic prescription and keep your eye on their paws! Don’t forget those insects, too! Tell those mosquitos and fleas to bug off with pet-friendly insect repellent.


The Reno/Tahoe area is budding with beautiful plant-life this spring, and your doggy is sure to notice! To keep your dog safe, consider taking a look at a list of poisonous plants in our area. We found a great one here.  As for your own backyard, keep your garden fenced in and chemical free to protect your curious friends. Check out our March post for more details on dog safety around your garden.

Stay Protected Under the Sun!

We all need to lather up before our outdoor adventures, and that includes your pup! Protect his/her skin with a pet-friendly sunscreen to prevent skin cancer and sunburns. Dogs with lighter skin and shorter coats (like Dalmatians, white Bulldogs and Beagles) are at a higher risk for sun damage, so do your research to find the best sun protection for your dog’s breed.

One last thing! Dogs overheat much quicker than people do, so remember to bring plenty of water and make time for breaks under the shade!