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2:00   Rufus is really enjoying his Sunday.  He’s napped, he’s eaten a bone, he came right up to me to get treats, he rested next to me on the couch while I petted him.  I am making him work a little harder for things now.  Like his treats, he always comes in the kitchen when he hears the bag but wasn’t coming directly over to me to get one, he was making me walk over to him.  Now I am making him come all the way to me to get the treat.  And if he doesn’t, he doesn’t get it.  Its important that I no longer cater to his anxiety.  If I do then I am saying its ok to stay in that unhealthy state of mind.  You probably wonder why I tell you about his resting and sleeping all the time.  Well its because its a huge deal for him to be able to rest around other people, not under a table or outside somewhere.  He has realized that its ok to be calm, relax and enjoy a real nap without jumping every time he hears a noise.  He now rests peacefully.  Unlike before when he shook even when sleeping, now he is stretched out on the couch or floor, in the middle of the room and is having happy little dog dreams.