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How Dog Gone Amazing Helps First Responders and Their Dogs

The Dog Gone Amazing team created a special blog post dedicated to the incredible people who are first on the scene to take care of our communities. We could not be more grateful for the individuals who spring into action every day to keep those we love and our furry companions safe. From firefighters to paramedics to police officers and military personnel, we thank you for your dedication and commitment.

We also fully acknowledge the demanding and often highly stressful nature of our first responder’s day-to-day duties. The feeling of coming home to a companion that offers support and a sense of calm after a long day can truly make all the difference. However, providing your dogs with the attention and consistent training they need to be there for you can be time-consuming and energy-intensive.

So, whether you’ve just welcomed an energetic puppy into your life or have a dog needing some behavior refinement, our goal is to lighten the load and help you have dogs you can depend on, no matter how challenging your day has been.

Here are TWO ways Dog Gone Amazing can take care of your pup while you are taking care of our communities.

First Responder Appreciation MonthBoard and Train

Our Board and Train services can be a game-changer in saving you time and seeing faster results for your dog’s behavior. We get it, your schedule can be hectic. Our done-for-you service is an excellent approach if your dog needs to work on a couple of behavior tweaks. They receive one-on-one training in a focused environment, minimizing distractions and speeding up the learning process. This approach means less time to be distracted and fall back into bad habits with a faster turnaround on unwanted behavior.

Here are the benefits you can expect from Board and Train:

  • A focused environment allows for faster results and the ability to master skills.
  • All-inclusive boarding accommodations (an $80/day value!)
  • Daily, one-on-one attention and training.
  • Includes a Private Lesson at pickup. We give you the keys to communicate with your dog!

Sounds like what you need? View our Board and Train packages here.

    First Responder Appreciation MonthTurn-Key In-Home Training

    Not all dogs are the same, and some may need specialized attention right in the comfort of their home. Our TurnKey In-Home Training is all about meeting your dog where they’re at – literally.

    Whether it’s addressing habits unique to your home environment, preventing door-darting incidents, or mastering manners when you have visitors, our DGA team brings the same top-level instruction we offer at our facility directly to you. It’s a convenient and easy way to help your dog learn better manners and obedience without traveling away from home.

    Here are the benefits you can expect from In-Home Dog Training Lessons with DGA:

    • Stop habits that only happen at home
    • Stop your dog from running away or darting out the door
    • Teach your dog to happily go on walks without tugging or pulling on the leash
    • Set off-limit areas in and around the home
    • Learn to hike off-leash – we’ll join you and your dog on the trail for training!
      Again, as we acknowledge First Responders Day, we want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to those who tirelessly serve our communities.  If you’re seeking the perfect dog training to transform your pup into the ultimate support system, explore our Dog Training services and discover the full range of benefits our packages offer.