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If you’re searching for “Gifts For Dog Lovers,” we’ve got you covered. Here are nine great picks at different price points that can be customized to feature a beloved pet.

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole”—Roger Caras.

If you, like Roger Caras, have a dog lover in your life, the holidays are the perfect time of year to honor their presence with presents.

Here Are The Top 9 Gifts For The Dog Lover In Your Life

gifts for dog lovers socks1. FOR THE DOG MOM

Don’t be like the family in SNL’s “Christmas Morning” video where dad and the kids got rad gifts, and all mom got was a bathrobe (cue eye roll). Mom might have poor circulation, or it’s just cold because it’s wintertime, but you’ve got her covered with some cute, customizable socks from Etsy. This pair says “I just want to drink wine” on one foot “and pet my dog” on the other for $12. Or, order bespoke socks with Fido’s photo on them for $6.99, also on Etsy. Get them before they’re gone!

gifts for dog lovers portrait2. FOR THE ART COLLECTOR

Etsy artist VanWoof has created more than 9,000 pet portraits and has been featured on the BBC. Portraits can be oil-style portrait paintings, American football portraits, or two-pet portraits. Portrait prices run from a digital-only portrait for $33.17 to different-size posters ($48.37-$64.95) and canvas portraits for $53.90 for an 8×10 to $109.18 for an 18×24. They take a while to create and ship with customized pieces so they won’t arrive before Christmas, but a printout of the Etsy shop’s website should tide over the receiver until their portrait arrives.

gifts for dog lovers calendar3. FOR THE FUNNY DOG LOVER 

Living with the class clown? Looking for the ultimate white elephant gift? Check out the Dog Pooping in Beautiful Places 2022 Calendar from Etsy’s AmazaneShop. It costs $16.99 and is a best-seller, although we think we’ll skip this one for our wall, personally.

gifts for dog lovers cooker4. FOR THE PET CHEF

For that bougie friend or home cook extraordinaire, check out Williams Sonoma’s Dash Dog Treat Maker, ringing in at $29.95 (it comes with free shipping!). And in case you want a recipe to go with it, here’s one from Allrecipes.com for peanut butter and pumpkin dog treats.

gifts for dog lovers mug5. FOR THE OUTDOORSY DOG DAD 

Dog dads who love hiking and spending time in the mountains will love this personalized dog mug from Unifury. It can be customized for five people and dogs and costs $23.95. Plus, if you sign up for the email newsletter before buying, you’ll receive 10% off your purchase.

gifts for dog lovers cards6. FOR THOSE WHO WONDER…  

Uncommon Goods has the perfect gift for those who need help decoding their dog Dante’s nonverbal cues: How To Speak Dog Cards. The 100 cards are filled with illustrated tips for dog parents to communicate better with their furry friends by learning what their barks, facial expressions, and body language mean. Sign up to receive emails before your purchase and receive a $5 credit.


gifts for dog lovers dumpster7. FOR THE ROAD TRIPPER  

Amazon’s Kurgo Tailgate Dumpster for dog garbage and poop bags is the perfect gift for those dog lovers who take their pooch(es) camping or on road trips. This handy magnetic trash bin attaches to a car’s tailgate or bumper and provides a smell-free receptacle for pet waste while you’re on the road. The current Amazon price is $19.95 and qualifies for Prime shipping.

gifts for dog lovers bed8. FOR THOSE WHO CAMP IN COMFORT 

If you’re a dog grandparent, you might have the budget for the pricier Rumpl x Loki Dog Bed from REI. A portable, durable dog bed, the Rumpl x Loki has fleece on one side and recycled ripstop polyester on the reverse side. At $249, it’s the bougiest gift on our list.

gifts for dog lovers gift card9. FOR THE BIGGEST DOG LOVER     

Finally, for the ultimate gift, consider a gift card to DGA to use toward training, boarding, or doggy daycare—the perfect (and easiest) gift for your favorite dog lover.