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Your dog shows you unconditional love year-round. Regardless of little things you forgot to do, the times you couldn’t break away from work to spend time with them or the times you had their dinner ready a little late, your dogs still show you love and affection at all times. Sure, you might have said some choice words when they slobbered all over one of your favorite slippers, or knocked over your glass of wine when they wagged their tail in over-excitement. But, they don’t hold your actions against you; they still just want to show you how special of an owner they think you are. So, this Valentine’s Day, Dog Gone Amazing says it’s time to repay that love … or at least make a small effort to (because we know their unconditional love is hard to replicate).

It’s Valentine’s Day, so here are some ideas for including your furry, tail-wagging pal this February:

  1. Hello dog-park date! Grab your favorite person and your favorite fur ball and head out into the sunshine for a day of fun, running, jumping and playing. Bring a Frisbee or other toy and make it an interactive day with everyone involved. How sweet …
  2. Groom-up Time. Surprise your significant other by taking your pooch to get a new doo. Even if you don’t have a dog commonly known to visit the groomer (we’re thinking of you, Poodles), you can still take your dog in for a nice cut, a nail trim, a bath and more.
  3. Tell Your Dog to Take a Hike. They’ll be stoked knowing it’s time to get out on the trails and hike around with their favorite person. The weather looks like it’ll be sunny, so get out there and get the heart pumping and the legs burning with a fun and scenic hike in the hills.

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and love is in the air. Let your dog know how special they are to you by including them in the fun this February 14th.