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Memorial day is right around the corner and you and your family are likely gearing up for all the outdoor BBQs and beach days. While there’s plenty of fun to be had, there are also a few precautions to consider to keep your dog safe during all the excitement. Below are a few tips for keeping your dog safe on Memorial Day. 


Sorry, No “Special Occasion” Table Scraps. Even though we might be enjoying a second helping of Aunt Ella’s potato salad, your dog will have to miss out. Some of the biggest offenders to a dog’s health are onions, coffee, avocados, grapes (that means raisins too!), yeast-based dough and salt.


No Beer For Buster! We realize this one may be obvious, but do not give your dog alcohol. Dogs are not able to metabolize alcohol like humans can, and just a small amount can cause them to be extremely intoxicated or even induce a coma.  


DO NOT LEAVE YOUR DOG IN THE CAR. We’re sure you have heard this before, but we will never stop reminding people. A lot of the time we think that a dog will be fine in the car if it’s only for a few minutes. The truth is, dogs are a lot more sensitive to heat than humans. It only takes a few minutes for a pet to experience heat stroke.


Provide Lots Of Water. Whether you’re having a huge party in the backyard or you head up to Tahoe for the day, odds are your dog will be running around and playing in the sun. Make sure they have plenty of water, more than you would think. It’s better to be safe (and hydrated!) than sorry.


At The Lake? Grab Fido’s Life Vest! Life vests help ensure that she stays afloat in choppy waves and ocean currents. In lakes and bodies of water that welcome boats, brightly colored vests also help her be seen by boaters and water skiers. Vests are also helpful when she gets tired, (you don’t want her climbing on top of you while you’re treading water!)


Keep Your Dog Inside During Fireworks. Unlike us humans, dogs do NOT find fireworks fun. In fact, dogs are prone to anxiety during fireworks, so it’s best to keep them inside and crated to avoid destructive behavior.


Use Pet Friendly Insect Repellant. The first big BBQ of the season always seems to be the debut of seasonal insects. But before you reach in the cabinet for a generic insect repellant, read the label to make sure it’s pet-friendly. Many of our generic insect repellants are toxic to our pet’s and cause nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Try Repel Lemon Eucalyptus, you can buy it any REI or Wal-mart.
Lather Him Up With Sunscreen. Applying a pet sunblock every 3 hours on the belly and other less furry areas helps prevent damage. If your dog does get sunburnt, apply aloe vera to the burned area. Use the most natural aloe you can get to prevent allergic reactions.