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As the holiday season approaches, many families are already planning their November and December visits. While some families will be meeting for a virtual turkey dinner this year, many are planning fun family getaways to socially distanced destinations, such as hotels or short-term rentals. However, if your accommodations don’t accommodate your dog, that’s no reason that Fido can’t have a very happy holiday as well. The right dog boarding location and team can ensure that your pet stays safe and has a doggone good time this holiday season.


The Top 5 Reasons To Board Your Dog For The Holidays

1. It’s Less Stressful for Your dog 

A multi-hour car ride or air travel can be a very stressful experience for your dog. However, with dog boarding, they take a short trip in the car to a safe place. A kennel also offers a much less stressful experience for your pup than the people, lights, sirens, beeps, and scenery changes of traveling.

2.They don’t have to be left out

If your holiday trip includes a series of activities your dog can’t be part of, they’ll be just as bored laying around in an unfamiliar setting like a hotel room or cabin. When your dog boards somewhere like Dog Gone Amazing, they’ll enjoy a one-hour daily outdoor hike or walk, multiple small group play sessions, and special dog activities.


3. Everyone can relax

Bringing your dog along on a trip requires a great deal of additional planning, such as packing their accouterments, planning where they’ll sleep, and regularly taking them out for potty breaks. You have to work in time for walks, feeding, and their normal activities in addition to your travel activities and plans. When you’re trying to have a good time and take some time to relax, it can be overwhelming to plan for your dog, too. With dog boarding, all the planning and care are covered. You can relax, knowing your dog is having a great time playing with other pups.. 

4. Access to easy care

Hopefully, your holiday plans go off without a hitch, but one risk humans and dogs face during travel is figuring out how to handle an emergency. If you are in another city and your dog happens to eat something bad, cuts their foot, or breaks a bone, you’ll have to cut the trip short or find a nearby vet. With dog boarding, your furry friend will be cared for by professionals with easy access to care. With Dog Gone Amazing, no matter how far you travel, you’ll know your dog is in good hands. .

5. They come back smarter

One of the major differences between DGA’s boarding program and others is that DGA includes regular follow-up training and offers Board and Train programs. If you’ve already completed your program, you can rest assured knowing that the Dog Gone Amazing team will follow up using the same language and commands you use at home to keep your dog from slipping out of their good habits. If the trainers see that they need a little more practice, they’ll work with your dog to help them master their skills. So, while they’ll definitely have fun, they also will get a little smarter. 

Consider Dog Gone Amazing’s Board and Train Program

If you’re planning on going away on a trip and your dog needs boarding and training, enroll them in a board-and-train program and come back to a fully trained dog. Many of our clients plan their travel around board-and-train programs, so they get the most value out of the time away. Dog boarding can actually be the best holiday gift you can give your dog and your family!