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At Dog Gone Amazing, we wholeheartedly encourage pet adoption. Dogs (and other pets) that find their way to shelters often have a difficult time finding new homes, especially those with behavioral issues. Most owners are not prepared to take on pets that require a great deal of training. However, at our Reno dog training center, we know that no animal is beyond finding a loving home that can help them achieve a great life.

It has been the pleasure of our Dog Gone Amazing to assist some of the local organizations prepare animals for adoption. We have taken in some truly amazing dogs and helped them achieve behavioral goals that make them a better fit for many homes. However, this is not the extent of our mission. Assisting new owners to train their rescued animal is also a major part of the work we do.

Our Reno dog training center can help you train dogs with even those severe problems that have left them jumping from home to home. We have unique packages that allow your rescued dog to become a perfect fit for your home and your family. Don’t let a dog’s behavioral issues hold you back from rescuing a shelter animal.

If your dog needs a jumpstart in the right direction, we even have board and train programs that will accomplish exactly that. Our Amazing Package, for example, has led to some truly incredible results over the years. With proper follow-up, you are certain to have a well mannered dog you will adore. Our Reno dog training center can help you successfully rescue an animal that has previously been held back by behavioral issues. If you are interested in adopting and training a rescue dog in Reno, give us a call and we will show you how to get started right away.